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Women and Power podcast from the National Trust Women and Power podcast explores the fight for women’s voting rights in the UK (10/1/2018) - Earlier this year, the National Trust launched Women and Power, a five part podcast series which delves into the rarely-told stories of women’s voting rights in the UK. The story of female votes in the UK tends to centre on the actions of the militant suffragettes in the UKs capital city, but this is just a fraction of the story. The full story of the Suffrage movement involved women and men from all classes, and from across the British Isles, playing their part in the fight for equality in a multitude of ways.

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Empire on Blood Panoply Launches “Empire on Blood” (3/28/2018) - Panoply, a PBC partner, is launching a new podcast called "Empire on Blood" today! I was lucky enough to get advance access and couldn't stop listening. It's a true crime tale set in the Bronx in the early 90s. The story focuses on two young drug dealers who turn against each other. One ends up in prison for a double homicide he says he didn't commit. Award-winning journalist Steve Fishman deftly guides the listener through a complex story of power, revenge, and justice. All seven episodes are being released at once, allowing listeners to download and binge!

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