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Every month we post a thematic Listening List with 1-5 hours of podcast episodes for our PBC meetings and online discussions. We send these out by email, so be sure to subscribe. You can always find the selections here.

OCEANS & SEA LIFE: June 2024 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Oceans-w-bonus.png

OCEANS & SEA LIFE: June 2024 podcast playlist

Humans are captivated by the oceans for a multitude of reasons, both tangible and intangible. Firstly, the sheer vastness of the oceans, covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, evokes a sense of awe and wonder. They represent the last frontier on our planet, holding mysteries and unexplored depths that intrigue our adventurous spirit. Moreover, the oceans harbor a breathtaking diversity of life, from the smallest plankton to the largest whales, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Beyond their ecological significance, oceans have also shaped human history, serving as highways for trade and exploration, and inspiring countless myths, legends, and works of art. In their ever-changing moods, from tranquil calm to raging storms, oceans remind us of the power and unpredictability of nature, stirring our imagination and fueling our desire to understand and protect these magnificent realms. So, with this playlist, let’s dive deep into the mysteries and wonders of our planet’s vast oceans.

CLASSY with JONATHAN MENJIVAR (Deep Dive): May 2024 https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Classy.png

CLASSY with JONATHAN MENJIVAR (Deep Dive): May 2024

This month PBC is doing a deep dive into a single podcast: Classy with Jonathan Menjivar, which is a collection of surprising stories, juicy and uncomfortable interviews, and engaging segments that explore the ways that class infiltrates our day-to-day lives.

BOOK BANNING: April 2024 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Book-Banning-w-bonus.png

BOOK BANNING: April 2024 podcast playlist

This month PBC chapters around the globe will be discussing book banning. In this playlist you’ll hear from librarians, book sellers, authors, parents, and students who are all experiencing censorship.

MICROBIOME: March 2024 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Microbiome-w-bonus.png

MICROBIOME: March 2024 podcast playlist

Discover the fascinating world of the Human Microbiome – the ecosystem that resides within and on our bodies.

WEIGHT FOR IT (Deep Dive): February 2024 https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Weight-for-It.png

WEIGHT FOR IT (Deep Dive): February 2024

Weight For It unpacks the nuanced thoughts of fat folks, and of all folks who think about their weight all the time. Through narrative storytelling, and some memoir, host Ronald Young Jr. hopes to have the conversations that we tend to avoid when it comes to our bodies.

EUROPE TODAY: January 2024 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Europe-Today-w-bonus.png

EUROPE TODAY: January 2024 podcast playlist

From Portugal to Albania, Finland to Macedonia, we were curious to look at how Europeans are speaking about themselves today. For a continent so often caught up in its own history, how is it transforming in the midst of an evolving world and what ties to the past still hold?

CARE: December 2023 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Care-December.png

CARE: December 2023 podcast playlist

Caring is a multifaceted aspect of human nature that encompasses both self-care and caregiving for others. It involves a delicate balance between nurturing oneself and extending that nurturing spirit to those around us. Self-care is an essential foundation, acknowledging the importance of maintaining our own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While it can empower us, it has also been commoditized and turned into a marketing tactic. Caregiving, on the other hand, is an essential component of any thriving society, but it has often gone overlooked on un(der)paid. These five episodes spotlight various aspects of care – from self-care to childcare to eldercare to memory care.

GATHERING: November 2023 podcast playlist https://podcastbrunchclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Gathering.png

GATHERING: November 2023 podcast playlist

Gathering, whether in the form of social events, professional meetings, or communal activities, holds immense significance in our lives. The act of gathering can be pivotal in nurturing relationships, fostering progress, and building a sense of unity among individuals and communities. But, how we gather is important to consider. Creating a gathering with meaning is challenging, but important. These episodes explore how to create meaningful gatherings.

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