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Podcast Brunch Club is a passion project that quickly turned into a huge undertaking. I’m launching 2-4 chapters a month, on-boarding new members, managing social media & the website, leading the Chicago chapter, and getting the listening lists together. Oh…and I have a day job. I love every minute of PBC because I’m helping to create personal connections that would never have existed otherwise. That gives me the warm fuzzies in a major way. I have big plans for where I want this to go, including schools, libraries, and assisted living facilities. I also want to breathe some life into this website and find a way to continue the podcast. All this takes time and money: two things I’m short on. I could really use your help. Here’s how:

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Support PBC: I’ll use the money to buy coffee so I can stay up late into the night to get it all done. If you check the monthly option, I’ll surprise you every so often with some bonus content and some swag if I ever get my act together enough to figure that out!Become a monthly Patreon member for as little as $4/month & get bonus content
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I would like to express my sincerest thanks to members of the PBC community who have supported PBC:

  • Sara D.
  • Stevie Z.
  • Jenna S.
  • Kahmeela A.
  • Emily K.
  • John L.
  • Julie M.
  • Jennifer N.
  • Pia P.
  • Maddie R.
  • Hélène S.
  • Julia Z.
  • Anonymous Donors
  • PBC chapter leaers
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