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Women and Power podcast explores the fight for women’s voting rights in the UK


Women and Power podcast from the National TrustEarlier this year, the National Trust launched Women and Power, a five part podcast series which delves into the rarely-told stories of women’s voting rights in the UK. The story of female votes in the UK tends to centre on the actions of the militant suffragettes in the UKs capital city, but this is just a fraction of the story. The full story of the Suffrage movement involved women and men from all classes, and from across the British Isles, playing their part in the fight for equality in a multitude of ways.

Women and Power goes back more than 300 years to the events that would eventually see the first wave of female suffrage activists rise to prominence, and votes for women becoming the topic at the forefront of 20th-century British politics.

In this series you’ll learn about the thousands of women that campaigned, marched and fought for their rights. The women that took to the streets intent on damaging property, committing arson and even disrupting the postal service with homemade bombs, alongside the lesser-known stories of women who strived for change through a mantra of peace and unity.

Women and power is available to download in full from all the places you currently get great audio. To find out more go to nationaltrust.org.uk/suffragepodcast.

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