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The Sharing Economy: Podcast Playlist

The idea of the sharing economy is not new, from carpooling to sharing a sofa in a stranger’s house. However, the proliferation of the Internet has totally changed the scene. It has enabled a number of startups and internet companies to formalize sharing experiences into the world’s most profitable businesses. Listen to this month’s episodes to learn more about the goods and bads of the sharing economy before your next push of the button!

(This listening list was curated by the hosts of the Hong Kong chapter of Podcast Brunch Club)

Podcast Listening List on The Sharing Economy

Listen Notes playlist (compiles all episodes of the Sharing Economy playlist into one episode that you can download and listen to on your podcast player of choice)

Travelogue from Condé Nast – Everything We Love and Hate About Home Shares
Condé Nast Traveler’s editors dig into the complicated feelings surrounding home sharing services like Airbnb.
Listen: Apple Podcasts // 46 minutes, July 2017

Freakonomics Radio – Regulate This!
Companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft have seen rapid growth and eye-popping valuations, but as they expand around the world, they are increasingly butting heads with government regulators.
Listen: This is an older episode and is only available on the internet // 56 minutes, September 2014

Theory of Everything – Instaserfs (I of III)
In the sharing economy no one can hear you work. This is because companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates and others only employ “partners” or independent contractors. This episode partnered with Andrew Callaway, a 25 year old San Francisco native, to find out what it’s like to work in the sharing economy.
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 38 minutes, June 2015

Impact Boom – Episode 82 (2018) Helen Andrew on Minimising Waste & Establishing a Social Enterprise in the Sharing Economy
Helen Andrew, a social entrepreneur in Australia, shares her experience in the value of building connections in communities, discusses the potential of the sharing economy and talks about the key traits of successful social entrepreneurs.
Listen: Apple Podcasts // 32 minutes, May 2018

[BONUS] Segment of All Things Considered – People’s Republic Of Uber: Making Friends, Chauffeuring People In China
When Cici Xu isn’t working as an accountant, she’s driving around Shanghai picking up passengers for Uber. Is she doing it for the cash? Probably not. Find out why she drives Uber in China.
Listen: This is a segment of an episode and is only available on the internet // 5 minutes, May 2015

PBC Podcast Episodes covering the Sharing Economy Podcast Playlist

  • Roundup of The Sharing Economy podcast playlist [Episode 33]
    Sara and Adela chat about the podcast listening list on the Sharing Economy. We also get answers from creators and members on the question, “What are the benefits of the sharing economy? Is ‘sharing’ a sustainable idea?” Adela and Sara then diverge from the listening list and talk about the return of Serial and Sara’s reignited love for The Allusionist.
    Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 27 minutes, October 2018

Conversation Starters on the The Sharing Economy Podcast Playlist

  1. Are you a consumer of service providers of the sharing economy (e.g. Uber, Airbnb etc.)? How was your last experience with them?
  2. What are the benefits of a sharing economy? Is “sharing” a sustainable idea?
  3. Who actually benefits from the sharing economy? Are they the consumer, the capitalists, the micro-entrepreneurs, the government, or someone else?
  4. Is the sharing economy benefiting the “micro-entrepreneurs” or exploiting them?
  5. Should there be tighter control from the government to protect residents of a city against the sharing economy, or vice versa? Why or why not?
  6. Is the sharing economy widening income inequality?
  7. In “People’s Republic Of Uber”, they mentioned that some drivers of Uber in China drive the cars not for money, but friend making. What does the role of car sharing play in your country? What was the most memorable conversation you had when you shared cars?

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