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PBC Member-Creator Spotlight: Tamara Ford creates the Shelf Addiction Podcast

Meet Tamara Ford, leader of PBC’s Detroit Metro Chapter and creator of the Shelf Addiction Podcast. 

Shelf Addiction: Tamara Ford

Name: Tamara Ford
PBC Participation: Leader of PBC’s Detroit Metro Chapter
Project: Shelf Addiction Podcast
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Tell us about your creator project(s).

I’m the creator, host, and editor of the Shelf Addiction Podcast and network. From thrillers to urban fantasy, and everything in between, I have a true “shelf addiction.”

I’m also an avid and longtime podcast listener. After listening for years, I developed my own excitement and energy towards podcasting. In April 2016 the Shelf Addiction Podcast was launched.

In 2018 I wanted to do even more podcasting about additional pop culture topics that I enjoy, which brought about additional shows that feature me and various co-hosts talking about all things pop culture from TV to movies.

Where are you from originally?

Detroit, MI

What is your favorite thing about Podcast Brunch Club?

My favorite thing about PBC is meeting new people that have unique perspectives to share. It leads to fun and engaging conversations as well as great podcast recommendations.

If you have a favorite PBC listening list, which one was it and why?

So far, it’s the April 2019 list, The Evolution of Libraries. I have fond memories of going to the library as a kid and now as an avid reader, I utilize my local library more than ever. Libraries will always be important to me, so this list resonated with me the most.

What is a fun fact about you?

Something unique about me is that I speed read. I learned how at a private tutoring center when I was in high school. I always thank my mom for enrolling me in that program because it’s a skill that I utilize every day. I also LOVE to travel, I’ve been to lots of amazing places, but there are many more to visit on my travel bucket list.

If someone visits the city you live in now, where should they get a meal (brunch or not)?

Both Roadside B&G in Bloomfield Township and The Root Restaurant & Bar in White Lake are both wonderful. They are excellent choices for brunch and dinner.

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