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Quick hit podcast review: Dropping In

Review by Julie Magruder on November 5, 2019.

Podcast Brunch Club quick hit podcast review: Dropping In. The Omega Institute's new podcast allows the listener to "drop in" on their classes.
As organizations tap into the power of audio to reach audiences, supporters, and fans, the Omega Institute, an educational nonprofit organization, has joined the ranks. Dropping In, hosted by the award-winning reporter and radio producer Karen Michel, allows listeners to “drop in” on their many workshops, which are usually only available to a few attendees. The audio series features some of Omega’s most interesting and accomplished guest teachers, such as Tim Olmsted and Joan Borysenko. This ‘casual’ participation was one of the main goals for the new audio adventure, according to the president of the Omega Institute, Carla Goldstein. Carla felt that “podcasting was a natural fit” when looking to share the collection of thinkers and change makers that come through their campus.

Before I listened, I anticipated yet another take on the saturated sub-culture of “self-help” and “wellness” podcasts. However, Dropping In stands out. I was immediately swept into another world, curated and thoughtfully constructed by the veteran producer, Karen Michel. She brings a fresh voice and approach to the topic with tight storytelling and an inviting narrative. For example, in the second episode, featuring Joan Borysenko, Karen engages Joan in a dynamic conversation exploring the guest teacher’s practice, asking questions that get to the core of her work. The episode is punctuated by live audio from the workshop itself in addition to Karen’s guiding narration that adds color and context to the conversation. As Karen said herself, “to do well means to be different,” and Dropping In certainly brings something unexpected in a sea of the same-old. I look forward to following the series.

Julie MagruderAbout the author:
Julie Magruder is a multi-media producer, currently focused on podcast producing at A+E Networks. She is also passionate about and working towards climate action and global mental health through professional and volunteer engagements.

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