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Secrets – August 2019 Listening List

Podcast Brunch Club theme: Secrets

This month’s playlist explores the unsaid, the undercover and the under-wraps. From the personal to the universal, these episodes will question the role, ethics and power of secrets in our lives. Don’t worry – you won’t be forced to share your own (unless you want to!).

(Becca Bryers curated this podcast listening list. She is the chapter leader of our Leicester/East Midlands chapter. Becca is also the creator/host behind the Multi Story podcast, which tells surprising personal stories from across England.)

Podcast Listening List on SECRETS

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Podcast: TED Radio Hour
Episode: Keeping Secrets (April 2019, 52 min)
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In this hour, TED speakers talk about the damage secrets can do, and the shifting roles we play when we keep, or share them.

Podcast: Family Secrets
Episode: Little White Lie (March 2019, 25 min)
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What if, as a child born into a white Jewish family, anytime someone remarked about your skin color, a story was told about a distant Sicilian grandfather? Even if it was obvious that wasn’t the whole story? Lacey Schwartz talks about what it’s like to live in an alternate universe of knowing-not knowing your own secret.

Podcast: The Tip Off
Episode: Ep. 18 All the President’s Club Men (May 2018, 35 min)
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Madison Marriage broke a story that ricocheted around the world. The sleazy goings on of the President’s Club fundraising dinner provoked shock and outrage from all camps.

Podcast: Showcase from Radiotopia
Episode: Secrets #1 – Discover a Secret (January 2018, 33 min)
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | SpotifyOther apps (via Podchaser)
Secrets is a show about the secrets we all carry inside of us. When Mohamed El Abed found out that he had a secret sister, it was 25 years before he could start putting the pieces together.
NOTE: This is the first episode in a series. We will only discuss this first episode, but it’s a wonderful series and we highly recommend listening to all of the episodes.

PBC Podcast episodes covering the Secrets podcast listening list

Conversation Starter Questions

Want to add your perspective to the PBC podcast? Answer any of the questions below and send the response (in written or audio format) to [email protected].

  1. At the beginning of the Showcase episode the presenter states that everyone has 13 secrets; 5 of which you’ll never share with anyone else – do you think that figure is right?
  2. Who should decide what is in the public interest when it comes to journalism/state/corporate secrets?
  3. Why would someone share their big secret with a stranger?
  4. Can secrets be helpful?
  5. Are we ever completely our authentic selves?
  6. How important is online privacy to you?
  7. Are you someone people open up to, or do you share a lot of yourself? Why do you think this is?
  8. Are there any secrets in these episodes you think were better off staying that way?
  9. Are you, or have you been “in a closet” with anyone in your life? (i.e. living a double life, if even in a small way)
  10. Do we keep secrets to protect ourselves?
  11. Can you think of other examples of people avoiding an obvious “secret” – like the families in “Little White Lie”?

DJ RuggedAngel’s Music Playlist

Our very own Podcast Brunch Club DJ, DJ Rugged Angel, has put this Spotify music playlist together for us on the theme of Secrets.


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