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Check out the very meta Podcast Brunch Club podcast! As you know, every month we send out a thematic listening list and then chapters meet in person all over the world to discuss. Well, the PBC podcast is a miniature version of that discussion. Every month, Adela, the founder of PBC, and her co-host, Sara DaSilva (of Audible Feast), will either chat about the podcast playlist or interview a podcast creator that was featured on the playlist.

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Homelessness Listening List Roundup

Adela and Sara discuss the Homelessness listening list, which highlight some of the struggles and solutions communities are using to tackle the issue of homelessness. They also veer off topic to discuss other podcasts they’re enjoying lately, including Finding Fred, Scattered, and Last Day.

Gimme Shelter co-host, Matt Levin

In this interview, we talk to Matt Levin, who co-hosts Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast. PBC members worldwide listened to an episode of The Gimme Shelter podcast as part of our December listening list on Homelessness. The episode we listened to was titled “L.A., Houston mayors on housing and homelessness,” which was a collection of interviews with big city mayors on housing and homelessness.

Planet Money host, Sarah Gonzalez

In this interview, Jenna (chapter leader of the virtual chapter of PBC) chats with Sarah Gonzalez, host and reporter on the Planet Money podcast. The theme for the December PBC playlist was Homelessness and we listened to an episode of Planet Money titled “#913: Counting the Homeless,” which looked at ways communities are helping the homeless.

Free Will Listening List Roundup

Adela chats with a guest co-host, Zachary Davis, about the Free Will podcast listening list, which featured episodes that explore free will through various lenses, including science, philosophy, religion, and stories.

Jay Acunzo, host of Unthinkable

In this interview, Jenna (chapter leader of the virtual chapter of PBC) chats with Jay Acunzo, the host of the Unthinkable podcast. The theme for the October PBC playlist was “Disruption” and we listened to an episode of Unthinkable titled “How to Reinvent Live Music,” which highlights Sofar Sounds as a new way to experience music.

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