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Nuclear Power: February 2020 Listening List

Podcast Brunch Club theme: Nuclear Power. Like book club, but for podcasts.

Nuclear power is a contentious issue. Is it safe? Is it clean? And what about the waste? New Zealand has been nuclear free for over 30 years, but other countries run the gamut from investing in new nuclear power stations to implementing the process of decommissioning their plants. In 2019, HBO revisited the Chernobyl disaster with a TV series and accompanying podcast. This month’s listening list offers an overview of nuclear power and raises the question of its future.

(This playlist was curated by Heather, Owen, Zainal, Kay & Evan, of our Wellington, New Zealand chapter)

Podcast Listening List on NUCLEAR POWER

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Podcast: Science Vs
Episode: Nuclear Power – What are the Risks? (June 2017, 42 min)
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How dangerous is nuclear power really? This episodes tries to answer two big questions: When will the next meltdown happen? And what our chances are of getting cancer from it?

Podcast: Science Rules! With Bill Nye
Episode: How to Survive Another Chernobyl (August 2019, 44min)
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This episode helps us understand the effects of radiation and how to handle them. Dr. Lauren Jackson is the guest and she talks about how radiation affects people and what steps are being taken to protect the public in the event of a nuclear incident.

Podcast: Futuremakers
Episode: 6: Should nuclear power be part of our energy system? (November 2019, 1 hr 2 min)
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Nuclear energy is still a controversial idea for many people, with dangerous accidents and destructive bombs being at the top of their minds when they hear the words, yet other renewable energy sources are not without their critics, and arguably are not yet at a place where they can entirely replace our current energy systems. So what role can, or should, nuclear be playing in the UK energy sector as we move towards a sustainable future?

Podcast: Radio Diaries
Episode: The Dropped Wrench (October 2019, 42 min)
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A story about human error inside nuclear missile silo.

Bonus episodes:

PBC Podcast Episodes on Nuclear Power Listening List

Conversation Starter Questions

  1. What is your personal experience with Nuclear Power?
  2. What is the history of nuclear power in your region?
  3. In terms of “surviving another Chernobyl” do you believe that we understand all the effects of radiation?
  4. And should another Chernobyl or Fukushima incident occur, do you believe that systems have been developed to ensure clear and timely communication of the reality and risks, or will there be a risk of secrecy and potentially harmful delays in managing the aftermath?
  5. Regarding the risks involved in producing Nuclear Power, what are your thoughts around mitigating those risks presented in the episodes, including the digitizing of the systems to perhaps assist with removing “human error” and for monitoring the Nuclear reactors and regulating them?
  6. Radiophobia is a fear of ionizing radiation. Given that significant doses of radiation are harmful, even deadly (i.e. radiation-induced cancer, and acute radiation syndrome), every threat of the radiation exposure may cause significant fear. Is Radiophobia something that requires more attention and support for?
  7. How does Nuclear Power relate to Climate Change?
  8. Nuclear Power has been referred to as “Clean Energy”… except for the toxic waste it produces. How to manage the toxic waste from nuclear plants is something that must be decided on now, but will potentially impact generations to come. How do you feel about burying the issue? Or the challenge of creating and implementing solutions that have such a long impact risk?
  9. In 2019, Chernobyl was revisited in a television series by HBO and associated podcast. If you’ve seen it and / or listened to the podcast, what are your thoughts around this dramatic representation of the event, and the cast and crew participation in the remembrance day?
  10. Nuclear Power is different from Nuclear weapons, what are your thoughts on Nuclear weapons and testing of those weapons?
  11. On the note of “clean energy” and climate change, what are your thoughts around renewable energy and Nuclear Power? How does nuclear power compare to other energy?

Nuclear Power Music Playlist

DJ Rugged Angel has done it again! Here’s the musical playlist to accompany our podcast playlist!


  • Outside/In did a really smart, open-minded episode about nuclear power and its potential to help solve the energy problems in Puerto Rico. Best of all, it’s a love story. https://outsideinradio.org/shows/2019/11/21/jesabel-y-eddie?rq=Nuclear

  • Our solutions journalism podcast “How Do We Fix It?” looks at the case for carbon free nuclear power as part of a future mix of green energy options.

  • borja says:

    En relation to the futuremakers’s podcast I thin the podcast talks about a wide-range of issues but I think we have to explore the nuclear fusion energy because of the reliability of solar and wind upon nature make that several countries can’t rely on them, we can not put all the eggs in the same basquet in relation to sources of energy
    We have to explore fusion although it is a long-term solution because in short-term is pricey. Finally, I totally agree with Sarah Darby in her final speech about working on the efficiency of the construction industry that achieve a low-energy demanding building environment and improve the efficiency on transport network to meet the consumption of energy through the renewable capability of supply.

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