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Conspiracy: July 2020 podcast listening list

Podcast Brunch Club listening list: Conspiracy.

This month we’re digging into conspiracies—why they are compelling, their role in shaping history, and we’ll even explore a few theories that may or may not be accurate.

Podcast Listening List on CONSPIRACY

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Podcast: The Anthill
Episode: Expert guide to conspiracy theories part 3 – their history (March 2020, 37 min)
The Illuminati is perhaps the most famous secret society and is blamed for everything from the French Revolution to current pop music. This episode digs into the history of the Illuminati and conspiracy theories surrounding it persist today.
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Podcast: Throughline
Episode: Conspiracy (May 2020, 43 min)
The very founding of America is based on an actual conspiracy and a conspiracy theory.
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Podcast: Future Hindsight
Episode: The New Conspiracism: Nancy Rosenblum (June 2020, 30 min)
Nancy Rosenblum, a researcher at Harvard, is the guest on this episode. She delves into “conspiracism,” which is the idea that, as a society, we have are living in a culture of conspiracy where nearly everything is seen with a lens of conspiracy with no evidence, let alone “theory,” to back it up. (This is a sponsored episode).
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Podcast: Wind of Change
Episode: 1. My Friend Michael (May 2020, 45 min)
A journalist hears a rumor that the song Wind of Change by the Scorpions, a song that became the soundtrack to the end of the Cold War, was actually written by the CIA. This is the first episode of a serialized 8-part podcast. All of the episodes are currently available to binge if you are so inclined!
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Podcast: Rabbit Hole
Episode: One: Wonderland (April 2020, 27 min)
How does someone get sucked into the conspiracy theories on the internet? This is the first in a serialized podcast from the New York Times about the rabbit hole that is the internet.
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Bonus podcasts/episodes

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Conversation Starter Questions
  1. What did you learn from this set of podcasts?
  2. How familiar were you with the origins of the Illuminati before listening to the listening list?
  3. How much do you think the internet plays into conspiracy theories today?
  4. How much do you think disinformation and fake news are founded on conspiracy theories?
  5. Are there conspiracy theories that you believe, or used to believe? If so, why do you believe them, or why did you stop believing them?
  6. On the Future Hindsight episode, Nancy Rosenblum lays out an argument that the US is in the midst of a culture of “conspiracism” and that it has created a collective disorientation. Do you agree?
  7. Both Wind of Change and Rabbit Hole are first episodes in a series. Will you continue to listen to either? Why/why not?

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