Podcast Brunch Club

How It Works

STEP #1 - Join in-person or online    Step #2 - Listen to the monthly podcast playlist    Step #3 - Discuss at an in-person meeting or online


There are lots of ways to participate in PBC:


Thematic monthly listening lists are sent out on the 1st of the month. If you join/start a chapter, you are automatically subscribed to the newsletter. If you are participating online only, think about getting on the newsletter list to make sure you’re in the know when a new playlist is dropped.


Our chapters meet at some point during the month to discuss the monthly listening list. If you signed up for a chapter, the chapter leader will communicate the meeting details to you. We also have online discussions on Facebook, Reddit, and we even have a community commentary segment on the very-meta Podcast Brunch Club podcast (this is your chance to BE on a podcast)!

More information

Podcast listening can be lonely. How many times have you burst out laughing (or wiped away a tear) and turned to share the moment with someone only to realize that you are by yourself? Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is changing that by bringing podcast listeners together, both in person and online.

Unplug and meet others face-to-face by starting or joining a PBC chapter. Or, if you prefer, stay tethered and “tune in” online. Every month we send out a Podcast Playlist on a theme. Local chapters across 5 continents meet in person at some point during the month to to discuss the episodes. And PBCers from all over the world can interact with each other through our global Facebook Group.

Conversation and dialogue is at the heart of PBC. We have 50+ chapters on 5 continents, so in addition to the local meetings, here is how to get involved in the larger PBC community:

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