The World We’re Inheriting: Listening List

The World We're Inheriting

I’m so pleased to present the first Podcast Brunch Club Takeover. Ms. Barrett’s junior- and senior-level sociology class at Berthoud High School in Colorado have chosen to look to the future and explore the theme of THE WORLD WE’RE INHERITING. Ms. Barrett’s class was our first high school PBC chapter. Over the…

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Laughter & Comedy: Listening List

Laughter & Comedy

The holiday season is upon us and for many this is a time of joy and happiness. For others, the holiday blues kick in. Combine that with the chaos that has ensued since the U.S. Presidential election and it seems especially important to find ways to laugh. So, with that I…

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Prison: Listening List


  November 8th is quickly approaching and there is much to talk about regarding the election and politics. But, how about this: let’s not. This election has caused me such anxiety (and sometimes rage) and I just can’t stomach the idea of corrupting my podcast listening me-time by knowingly assaulting my own ears with any…

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Fear: Listening List

Podcast Brunch Club theme: FEAR

Halloween, an entire holiday predicated on fear, is around the corner. Fear comes in so many shapes and sizes. Some people avoid it and others seek it out explicitly. It can be used to hinder us and to motivate us. So, this month’s listening list is all about the power of…

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Higher Education: Listening List

As back-to-school month begins and fall descends upon [most of] us, we’ll be tuning our ears to episodes that explore HIGHER EDUCATION. I’m always so blown away by all the great recommendations I get from the PBC community when I put out the call for suggestions. It’s such a great…

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Identity: Listening List

This month’s theme is IDENTITY. I’m going to be honest here…I did not think the theme through enough before I asked for recommendations. Identity is such a broad concept, and I received so many great podcast recommendations. I quickly realized that it was going to be impossible to pick 3…

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Happy Birthday, America!

In honor of the 4th of July, we’re going with a “Happy Birthday, America” theme. I also decided to write a short love/hate birthday letter to my country. Here it is: Dear America, Happy 240th birthday! Wow, you’re old. You would think you’d have your s*%t together better than you…

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Feminism: Listening List

I have some exciting news this month: Podcast Brunch Club was featured in the latest episode of The Big Listen podcast. The show highlights things happening in the podcast world. I’m woven in throughout the entire episode, so listen all the way to the end and let me know your…

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Starting a Family: Listening List

I’ve heard a number of podcasts recently that have explored the theme of starting (or continuing) a family. Some people know that they want kids and some don’t. Some people jump through hoops to have them and others go to great lengths to avoid them. It’s life-changing and nearly every adult…

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Vegetarianism: Listening List

Happy belated anniversary, PBClubbers!!! I just looked back and realized that last month we hit the 1 year anniversary mark for PBC! Now…onto business. This month we’ll listen to 3 episodes on the topic Vegetarianism. Full disclosure: I have only listened to snippets of the three episodes listed below, so…

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