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Black Experiences: February 2021 podcast playlist

Black Experiences: February 2021 podcast playlist

In honor of Black History Month, we put together a podcast that highlights 5 stories from Black people around the world. This is by no means a comprehensive exploration of the breadth of the Black experience, but we hope it offers a few lenses from which to begin a discussion, including belonging, culture, citizenship, language, struggle, and joy.

Apologies: August 2020 podcast listening list

Apologies: August 2020 podcast listening list

Why is the word “sorry” so hard to say? Is it because when we use it, we’re admitting fault? Or weakness? Or that we’re (gasp) not perfect!?! Who ever said we were supposed to be perfect, anyway? This month we’re listening to episodes that explore the importance of apologizing, how to apologize, and we’ll even dig into a few very concrete examples of apologies.

Therapy Listening List Roundup

In June, Podcast Brunch Club members worldwide listened to four podcast episodes about Therapy. In this episode of the PBC podcast, Sara and Adela share their takeaways and share their podcast recommendations.

Rough Translation host, Gregory Warner

A discussion with Gregory Warner, the host of Rough Translation. Rough Translation was on our Looking for Love playlist and was the podcast pick when we interviewed Sarah Gonzalez, host of Planet Money, and Rhaina Cohen, producer of Hidden Brain. Gregory also answers questions from a few of our PBC members!

Planet Money host, Sarah Gonzalez

In this interview, Jenna (chapter leader of the virtual chapter of PBC) chats with Sarah Gonzalez, host and reporter on the Planet Money podcast. The theme for the December PBC playlist was Homelessness and we listened to an episode of Planet Money titled “#913: Counting the Homeless,” which looked at ways communities are helping the homeless.

Looking for Love: Podcast Playlist

Looking for Love: Podcast Playlist

Dating. Ugh. What can I say? I’ve done it. I hated it. As a woman who dated into her late 30s, I can say from experience that it’s rough out there! But, dating was a means to an end: finding love. Love was lurking out there somewhere–I just needed to find it, pin it down, and make it submit to my will. In honor of the sometimes adored, sometimes abhorred Valentine’s Day, let’s dive into looking for love this month.

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