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Ocean Conservation: Podcast Listening List

The ocean is life. It regulates our weather, produces over half of the world’s oxygen, provides food for us to eat, and so much more. Unfortunately, we have a serious ocean health problem. Between ocean acidification, disposable plastic waste, and more, we’re creating havoc in our oceans for marine life and for our own health and well-being.

TAKE ACTION: Individuals and groups around the world participate in Coastal Cleanup Day every September to improve the health and beauty of our oceans. I encourage everyone to look for an event happening near them and to take action related to this month’s theme. For those on the coast, check out the Coastal Cleanup Day website for a list of events. Maybe even plan your September PBC chapter meeting at one of the events!

(This listening list was curated by Pia, a member of our Podcast Brunch Club chapter in Minneapolis)

Podcast Listening List on Ocean Conservation

StarTalk Radio – Exploring Earth’s Oceans with Sylvia Earle and Fabien Cousteau
Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with comic co-host Scott Adsit and ocean conservationist Laure Katz to discuss his interviews with legendary explorer and oceanographer Sylvia Earle and aquanaut Fabien Cousteau.
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 55 minutes, August 2018

Outside/In – An American Lobster in Stockholm
In 2010, a researcher found a clutch of hybrid American-European lobster eggs in a Norwegian fjord. This kicked off a decade of research attempting to determine if Scandinavia was in the midst of a foreign lobster invasion. This question is hard to answer, especially when the fate of a business worth $150 million dollars a year hangs in the balance.
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 29 minutes, February 2018

Inquiring Minds – It’s Time to Rethink Ocean Conservation
For many, ocean conservation brings up simple ideas like “Look but don’t touch” or thoughts of overfishing in isolated areas. But there is much more to modern conservation, especially when it comes to urban environments.
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 52 minutes, February 2018

My Ocean – Karina Oliani: Diving in Style
Our attention spans are shorter than ever so in order to get noticed, sometimes you have to do something that really makes a splash. Enter Karina Oliani, a Brazilian TV personality who put on designer dresses for an underwater photoshoot surrounded by sharks to raise awareness about humans illegally killing them.
Listen: Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 21 minutes, February 2018

{BONUS EPISODE} Ocean Currents Radio – Sex in the Sea
Listen in as Marya talks about various strategies by different ocean animals for reproducing and find out how humans are acting as “birth control” for ocean wildlife.
Listen: Apple Podcasts // 50 minutes, February 2017

PBC Podcast Episodes covering the Ocean Conservation Podcast Playlist

Conversation Starters on the Ocean Conservation Podcast Playlist

  1. Why are you drawn (or not drawn) to the ocean?
  2. Based on your own knowledge and what you learned from the podcast playlist, what are some of the reasons oceans are so important?
  3. Do you know of any invasive species in your area, either marine and otherwise? Why are they a problem?
  4. Do you think environmental problems affect everyone in the same way?
  5. These podcasts focus on a variety of unique ways people are trying to bring awareness and understanding of the ocean. What are some ways you’ve found to be most effective in making ocean conservation important to more people?
  6. What are some ways individuals can improve ocean health? What are some ways society can improve ocean health?

DJ RuggedAngel’s Music Playlist

Our very own PBC DJ has curated this music playlist on Ocean Conservation!


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