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Working Hard or Hardly Working? Playlist Roundup

A discussion of the November podcast playlist on WORKING HARD OR HARDLY WORKING? We also hear thoughts from some of our PBC members and share a few podcast recommendations.

Find the full show notes on the web at: https://podcastbrunchclub.com/working-roundup

This is what they talked about:

  • Working Hard or Hardly Working? podcast playlist
  • Erik’s podcast recommendation: The Enthusiast, which features short episodes that go deep into someone’s hobby
  • Sara’s podcast recommendations:
    • The Canary from The Washington Post: a seven-part series about two women who decided to end the silence and talk about their sexual assault
    • Dear Young Rocker: an audio memoir about a young girl and her journey in rock music
  • Adela’s podcast recommendation: Kind World from WBUR
  • PBC Facebook Group community recommendations for most underrated/underappreciated podcasts
    • An Arm and a Leg: “About the cost of healthcare in the US. It covers insight into billing, hospital policy, drug prices, insurance and medical ‘life hacks.’ There are two seasons, which I would recommend catching up on but each episode is a stand alone topic.”
    • Sick Boy – “3 chaps with chronic illness….sounds depressing but actually it’s more a carpe diem vibe”
    • Radio Rental: “Both seasons. Just delightfully creepy true stories. Not crime really. Just interesting.”
    • BirdNote Presents: Grouse: “It’s about the sage grouse and its declining population out west, and touches on the environment, rural life, biology, etc. Super well done imo!”
  • December theme for Podcast Brunch Club playlist: TALKING ‘BOUT MY GENERATION

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Audio editing and production by Katie DeFiore. Music included in this episode was “Rainbow” by Chad Crouch and “Paradise” by Misael Gauna.

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Podcast Brunch Club
Podcast Brunch Club
Podcast Brunch Club

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