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Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, host of How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything

A discussion with Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, an all-around podcast powerhouse who is the founder and CEO of Lantigua Williams & Co and hosts a number of shows including How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything, which the PBC community listened to as part of the December podcast playlist on Generations. Lantigua Williams & Co is a digital media studio that has a long and impressive roster of podcasts including, Latina to Latina, Birthful, 70 Million, Feeling My Flo, and more.

Talking ‘Bout My Generation: December 2020 podcast playlist

Talking ‘Bout My Generation: December 2020 podcast playlist

What does it mean to be part of a “generation?” It defines us by age, era, experience, and values. And the generational divide can feel all too real with one generation blaming another for the impending downfall of society. Yet many of our loved ones do not belong to the same generation as we do and we often have to navigate tricky terrain when it comes to mutual understanding. This month’s playlist highlights generational stories and intergenerational conversations as a way to examine this cultural phenomenon.

Adoption [Episode 13]

This month Adela and Sara talk about the Adoption podcast playlist and then go off on a tangent to talk about Sara’s recent article on lady-led podcast in honor of International Women’s Day.

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