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Common Ground: Podcast Playlist

This listening list on COMMON GROUND was curated by Christine Hollins, a member of the Houston chapter of Podcast Brunch Club.

I believe podcasts are a great way to learn and I have found many shows that challenge me personally. Like all people, I don’t like everything and have firm beliefs which shape who I am – that being said I strive to live with an attitude of learning. While I may not ultimately agree, I try to remind myself and others around me that at the end of the day we are all human beings and that there is more that unites us than divides us. This list reflects just a little bit of that sentiment from a few different directions.

Podcast Playlist on Common Ground

TheSpin1 (The Spin) – Fashion Forum Africa Part 2
(Apple Podcasts // 59 minutes, September 2017)
On this episode, host Esther Armah, chats with two guests, Nana Ekua Brew Hammond and Dr. Tanisha Ford. They start by tackling the sensitive discussion about whether African Americans are “appropriating” African fashion. They then take the listeners on a journey about how cultural exchange happens through fashion and how fashion is an expression of belonging. The Spin is a weekly one hour podcast featuring women of color talking policy, social justice, race, sex, gender, power, and love.

Conversations with People Who Hate Me – Episode 7: Sissies and Flaming Queens
(Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 35 minutes, September 2017)
As a writer and video maker who focuses on social justice issues, the host of Conversations with People Who Hate Me, Dylan Marron, receives a lot of negative messages on the internet. In his podcast he calls some of the folks who wrote those messages to ask one simple question: why? In this episode, Dylan talks to Lee, who publicly called Dylan a “flaming homo,” a “sissy,” a “flaming queen,” and an “idiot.” The twist? Lee is a gay man himself… with a fascinating life story.

Our Americana – 4.2: Greensburg, Kansas (The Tornado)
(Apple Podcasts | Google Play // 43 minutes, March 2018)
A tornado forever changes a rural Kansas town, in the most unexpected way. The Our Americana Podcast Network curates and creates podcasts that celebrate American storytelling, culture, and folklore.

PBC Podcast – Common Ground
(Apple Podcasts // Google Play | 36 minutes, May 2018)
Adela, Sara, and Christine from the PBC chapter in Houston share their thoughts on the episodes from the podcast playlist on Common Ground. In the “What We’re Listening To” segment, Sara and Adela chat about comedy podcasts.

PBC Podcast – Interview with Dylan Marron, creator of Conversations With People Who Hate Me
(Apple Podcasts // Google Play | 20 minutes, May 2018)
Adela chats with Dylan Marron, the creator behind the Conversations With People Who Hate Me podcast. His episode entitled “Sissies and Flaming Queens” was featured on our podcast playlist on Common Ground, along with episodes from Our Americana and The Spin.

PBC Podcast – Interview with Our Americana Creator, Josh Hallmark
(Apple Podcasts // Google Play | 20 minutes, May 2018)
Sara sits down to interview Josh Hallmark, the creator behind the Our Americana podcast, which was featured in this month’s podcast playlist. They talk about how Josh’s motivation to create the podcast came from a desire to break down molds and stereotypes that he himself has.

PBC Podcast – Interview with Esther Armah, Creator of The Spin
(Apple Podcasts // Google Play | 43 minutes, June 2018)
Adela interviews Esther Armah, creator of The Spin podcast and radio show. Podcast Brunch Club featured an episode of The Spin on the Common Ground podcast playlist. The episode featured was entitled, “Fashion Forum Africa Part 2” and in the episode, Esther Armah chats with two guests, Nana Ekua Brew Hammond and Dr. Tanisha Ford.

Conversation Starters about the Common Ground playlist

  1. People say they hate stereotypes – but is that really true? What are some things in the listening list that support or contradict this statement.
  2. In the US it often seems like it is not acceptable or politically correct to have a difference in opinion. How has this attitude impacted our broader community?
  3. The world seems to be getting closer to each other through technology – but this has also led people to make statements in anonymity which could hurt someone else. Why are we so comfortable passing judgement in an anonymous setting but sing a different tune when having direct dialogue?
  4. What makes it difficult for us to celebrate the differences we have with others while remaining authentically true to ourselves? Were there examples in the listening list of areas where you felt challenged in your beliefs or perspective?
  5. Times of great distress and hardship often bring people together to achieve amazing things. Presuming this is something to aspire to – how can we maintain this spirit when hardship passes?
  6. Defend or dispute this statement: “There is more that unites than divides us.”

DJ RuggedAngel’s Music Playlist

DJ RuggedAngel has put together this music playlist for us on the theme of COMMON GROUND. Enjoy!
[spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/122293913/playlist/22cL4tsRj30DUWvdaedbPh]


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