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Libraries Roundup

Adela and Sara discuss the podcast playlist on Libraries, which included episodes from This American Life, The Public Libraries Podcast, Part-Time Genius, Shmanners, Down to Earth. Then, as usual, they diverge from the assigned listening list to talk about the drama that surrounds the Luminary launch.

Meridian Library District – discussion about Library playlist

Adela chats with Dani and Emily, two librarians who started the Podcast Brunch Club chapter at the Meridian Library District in Idaho. They curated the podcast listening list on Libraries. We hear a little about how Dani and Emily became librarians and we talk about the purpose of libraries and the future of libraries.

The Evolution of Libraries: Podcast Listening List

The Evolution of Libraries: Podcast Listening List

Every April, the U.S. celebrates National Library Week. Podcast Brunch Club is steadily adding more library partners to is list of chapters. In honor of both of these things, we wanted to put together a listening list that pays tribute to libraries all over the world.

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