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Bonus podcast playlist: ROMANCE GONE WRONG

Oof. Romance is tricky. It can be an amazing, whirlwind, butterflies-in-your-tummy experience. But, when it goes wrong, it can go so terribly wrong. And, what is it about a train wreck that compels us to watch? Well, this playlist lets you do just that. Lean back and watch the s*%t hit the fan in these stories of romance gone wrong.

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Podcast Playlist on ROMANCE GONE WRONG

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BADLANDS: “The Dating Game Killer: Persuasion, Charm, and a Depraved Murderer at Large” (July 2022, 36 min)
Rodney Alcala, AKA The Dating Game Killer, was a depraved murderer who eluded authorities for years. He hid his true identity behind charm and persuasion. At the height of his killing spree, he managed to star in one of the creepiest moments in Hollywood history as a contestant on a popular television game show. 

This Is Uncomfortable: “Bad romance (rerun)” (June 2022, 37 min)
Mira Celper had always wanted to be best friends with her mom, but their relationship grew strained once her mom started dating the mysterious David, a successful engineer. As her mom fell deeper in love, Mira couldn’t shake the feeling that something about David was off. So she set out to find the truth.

Twin Flames: “Follow Me | 1” (February 2022, 36 min)
When love goes wrong for Angie, she turns to a Youtube couple who claim to know the secret to lasting relationships.

Forever is a Long Time: “Part 1: My Parents, Ellen and Tom” (August 2021, 32 min)
Ian’s parents divorced when he was eight years old — young enough that he doesn’t have a lot of clear memories of it, but old enough that he was definitely watching, listening, and learning. So he asked them both to tell him what happened, and got two pretty different stories.

Days Like These – True Stories: “Penny and the catfish” (March 2022, 25 min)
Penny married John in the 80s. She always believed marriage was forever, and she felt comfortable in her role of wife and mother. Then one day, 30 years into her marriage, she receives a message that shatters her reality. It sets Penny off on a journey to confront the lies and deception that litter her love life.

Bonus podcast episodes:

  • Trashy Divorces: “08 Trashy Breakups: Some Kind of Wonderful | Diane Keaton and Al Pacino” (May 2022, 24 min)
    This week, Alicia catches us up on the long, but ultimately not permanent, romance between actors Diane Keaton and Al Pacino. While their love made them one of Hollywood’s 1970s and 1980s power couples, in the end, differing views on marriage pushed them apart.
  • Messy Situations: “My Biz Partner & BFF Stole My Husband” (June 2022, 45 min)
    When Lorraine decided to go into business with one of her closest friends, she never imagined it would impact her personal and professional life so profoundly. But after months of strange and suspicious behavior that had Lorraine thinking she might be “crazy,” she busted her best friend/business partner in an affair with her husband. Then the worst happened.
  • Betrayal: “Episode 1: The Perfect Husband” (April 2022, 27 min)
    Jenifer Faison, a successful reality television producer, waited for love and was thrilled when she reconnected with her college sweetheart 20 years later. They were older but the spark reignited and after a whirlwind courtship Jen and Spencer married and enjoyed a wonderful relationship. Everyone thought Spencer, a two-time “Teacher of the Year” award winner, was the perfect doting, attentive husband. But on June 1, 2018, when Jen arrived home, her husband holding a search warrant. The police soon arrived and took her husband out in handcuffs. It was the last time she has seen him.
  • You’re Wrong About: “Lorena Bobbitt” (November 2018, 49 min)
    Sarah tells Mike how a case of marital rape and spontaneous mutilation became a national punchline. Digressions include Ron Jeremy, Alan Dershowitz, Motörhead and the tortures of self-reflection. Sarah reviews John Wayne Bobbitt’s later works.

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