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Podcast Recording Audio Tips

We want YOUR VOICE on the Podcast Brunch Club podcast. So, as you are listening to the podcast playlist every month and, more importantly, as you feel compelled to say something or add a comment, hit pause on the podcast, record  your comment on the voice memo app of your smartphone, and then email it to [email protected]. Here are some technical tips on how to record:

  • Comments can be about a specific episode/point in an episode or they can be more general comments about a theme. If you’ve got a personal story that relates, go for it! A haiku on the theme? Yes, please! Really, we’re looking to get whatever you want to share as it relates to the theme/episodes that month.
  • Comments can be as short as you want, but try to max out around 8 minutes.
  • Try to find a quiet place. It doesn’t have to be library quiet, but let’s rule out near a hospital, school, or police station. Also, if you are in a car, pull over and turn the car off.
  • Use headphones that have a mic.
  • If you want, but no pressure, say your name and city/chapter (“Hi, this is Jane Doe from XYZ”). You can also make it an anonymous comment if you want.
  • If the comment is in relation to a particular episode and spot in the episode, say the episode you are listening to and approximately what minute marker you hit pause. We won’t include that little note in the episode, but that way we can possibly insert some of the audio from the podcast that you are talking about.
  • At the beginning/end of your comment, just let the recording go on without saying anything for about 15 seconds so we can get the room noise and our audio editor can edit out background noise.
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