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WEIGHT FOR IT (Deep Dive): February 2024

Weight For It: Deep Dive

This month rather than doing a thematic podcast playlist, we’re doing a deep dive into a single podcast: Weight For It. Weight For It unpacks the nuanced thoughts of fat folks, and of all folks who think about their weight all the time. Through narrative storytelling, and some memoir, host Ronald Young Jr. hopes to have the conversations that we tend to avoid when it comes to our bodies.

Podcast Playlist on DEEP DIVE: WEIGHT FOR IT

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Weight For It: “S1 E1: The Perfect Moment” (August 2023, 36 min)
In the premiere episode, Host Ronald Young Jr. is pondering his own desirability. Is he an eligible bachelor as a fat man? He seeks solace in body positive and size-affirming spaces and discovers something he finds a little unsettling.
Weight For It: “S1 E2: A Shame Spiral” (August 2023, 44 min)
In this episode, we take a trip with host Ronald Young Jr. to the past. Back to college in Richmond VA, at Virginia Commonwealth University. Where our host was just a straight sized teenager leaving his home for the first time and figuring out what type of person he was going to be, and what type of partner her would choose.
Weight For It: “S1 E3: Weight, Don’t Tell Me” (August 2023, 27 min)
Host, Ronald Young Jr. goes through a breakup and thinks maybe it’s time to lose weight. But before he does he needs to take a quick visit to his doctor.
Weight For It: “S1 E4: Decision” (September 2023, 48 min)
Host Ronald Young Jr. finds himself at a crossroads. He doesn’t feel equipped to make a choice so he seeks out the stories of those who have.
Weight For It: “S1 E5: Articles of Weight” (September 2023, 49 min)
In a collaboration with Articles of Interest, Host Ronald Young Jr and Editor Sarah Dealy work with Avery Trufelman to find out what’s the deal with plus sized clothing? Why do fat folks get the ‘cold shoulder’?
Weight For It: “S1 E6: Destruction w/ Da’Shaun Harrison” (September 2023, 42 min)
After 5 episodes of pontificating on weight host Ronald Young Jr. starts to truly consider what escaping from our culture of fatphobia looks like. Featuring activist and writer Da’Shaun Harrison.
Weight For It: “S1 E7: Wrapping Up” (September 2023, 36 min)
Editor Sarah Dealy sits down with Host Ronald Young Jr. as they reflect back on this season of Weight For It, and pontificate on the future of the show.

Conversation Starter Questions:

  1. Can you recall a time when you had to overemphasize one aspect of yourself to make up for something you felt was deficient?
  2. What was your reaction to Ronald’s conversation with his doctor?

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