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Gimme Shelter co-host, Matt Levin

In this interview, we talk to Matt Levin, who co-hosts Gimme Shelter: The California Housing Crisis Podcast. PBC members worldwide listened to an episode of The Gimme Shelter podcast as part of our December listening list on Homelessness. The episode we listened to was titled “L.A., Houston mayors on housing and homelessness,” which was a collection of interviews with big city mayors on housing and homelessness.

Homelessness: December 2019 Listening List

Homelessness: December 2019 Listening List

Homelessness and houselessness rates are reaching historic highs worldwide. Every city or region takes its own approach to solving homelessness, each attempt as unique as the local population. This month, we highlight some of the struggles and solutions communities are using to tackle these humanitarian crises.

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