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Q&A with James Edwards, host of <em src=

Q&A with James Edwards, host of Un(re)solved

A Q&A with James Edwards about the Un(re)solved podcast. The show explores the US Department of Justice’s investigation into over 150 unsolved civil rights-era killings. What does justice look like for the families of the victims? Reporter James Edwards seeks answers to these questions, reflecting on his own family’s experiences along the way.

Jazz: April 2017 Listening List

Jazz: April 2017 Listening List

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. So, let’s appreciate some Jazz. Whether you are a seasoned jazz cat or a newbie kitten who doesn’t know much about the genre, you will enjoy these selected podcasts. We’ll go from Jazz in the beginnings, to a profile on one of Jazz’s most influential women, and then a guided tour of where to start as a novice Jazz listener. Get ready to swing!

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