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Feminism: Listening List

I have some exciting news this month: Podcast Brunch Club was featured in the latest episode of The Big Listen podcast. The show highlights things happening in the podcast world. I’m woven in throughout the entire episode, so listen all the way to the end and let me know your thoughts!

Also, on June 16th, NPR Generation Listen is launching a nationwide listening party for the second season premier of Invisibilia. It comes with a preview of the episode before it officially launches. I’ll be hosting a listening party and you should too!

And now, onto the selections for the month….

At the recommendation of Jennifer, leader of our brand new Geneva chapter, we’re exploring the theme of feminism this month. I put the theme out to the PBC community via our Facebook Group and twitter and recieved more recommendations than I knew what to do with! They were all such great suggestions and it was hard to narrow them down, but here they are:

  • Nerdette: Caitlin Moran on  strident feminism, giddy optimism, and riotous laughter. Nerdette is an interview format podcast that brings authors, artists, scientists, and generally cool people. This episode features Caitlin Moran who talks about her definition of feminism, why cynicism is the worst, and how the most effective tool against patriarchal nonsense is subversive laughter. Recommended by: Lisa (Chicago chapter).
  • Guilty Feminist: Women’s Magazines with Sarah Millican. Comedians Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White record their podcast in front of a live audience. Each week they bring a special guest on to discuss topics “all 21st century feminists agree on” while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles. In this episode they talk with a Sarah Millican, who founded her own online women’s magazine that is anything but what you think of when you think “women’s magazine.” Recommended by: @saralistens.
  • Strong Opinions Loosely Held: Instagram Insecurities. Women are now more likely than men to have bachelor’s degrees. And childless women in their 20s currently out-earn men. So why are our Instagram feeds filled with images of date nights, engagement rings, cat eyes, cupcakes, and waist-trainers? Are we becoming Betty Draper 2.0, or are we using the illusion of perfection to escape the reality that relationships are hard? New York Times Journalist Hannah Seligson and Stone Fox Bride founder Molly Guy weigh in. Recommended by: Hugo (Facebook group member).

In case you are interested in the other recommendations that came in, here you go:

Happy listening!



  • Jane says:

    Hello there ,
    I saw that you mentioned bitchmedia.org/feminist-podcasts here podcastbrunchclub.com/feminism/ and I wanted to share my gratitude concerning your work on the promotion of women.

    I want to suggest you also share an important guide on women’s safety online which came out recently. It was written by women for women and empowers women to protect themselves online.
    I liked the way they gave a few tips for each situation and actionable items.
    Thanks for helping protect women online,

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