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Random Selections: Listening List

It’s that time again!

What we’re listening to (thanks to Chicago PBClubbers Ashley and Lisa for suggesting the podcasts this month!):

StarTalk Radio – “Space Chronicles Part 1”: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews Professor John Logsdon, an expert in the history of space exploration. You’ll learn Eisenhower’s secret reason for starting NASA, why JFK offered to explore space jointly with the Russians, and how “Operation Paperclip” helped us win the Space Race… and the Arms Race. Find out why the Apollo program ended early and why NASA retired the Space Shuttle but the Soyuz is still going strong. Plus Neil’s favorite moment in the US space program and a history lesson “through the lens of Chuck Nice.”

StarTalk Radio – “Space Chronicles Part 2”: The conversation between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Professor John Logsdon continues, centering around NASA’s transition from the Cold War to the present day, and the impact of politics, economics, competition and fear on the space program. They disagree about the impact of China’s space ambitions on President Bush’s 2004 Vision for Space, and grapple with issues like the commercialization of space and NASA’s budget. Find out why we invited the Russians to the International Space Station in the first place, how the ISS is divided between the US, Russia, the EU and Japan, whether zero-g experiments justify its $3 billion per year price tag, and what the future holds. Plus, what Neil really thinks of President Obama’s “Sputnik Moment” speech, and Chuck Nice’s explanation of the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz mission between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

This American Life – “No Place Like Home”: There are lots of ways we define where we’re from. And whether we’re proud of it, or ashamed of it, love it, hate it, miss it or are trying desperately to get back to it — where we’re from is always a big part of who we are. This episode highlights stories of people who are, in good ways and bad ways, coming to terms with the places they call home. The stories they cover are: a simulation of an illegal border crossing, customer service centers in Mexico that employ former residents of the U.S., and the story behind artisanal toast, the latest foodie/hipster trend in San Francisco.

Death, Sex & Money – “This Senator Saved My Love Life”: The stunningly romantic story of how the boyfriend of DTM’s host, Anna Sale, employed the assistance of a senator to win her back. Anna interviews Senator Simpson and his wife Ann about marriage, love, and sex.

Where we’re eating and drinking:
This month, the Chicago chapter will meet at Revival Social Club in Edgewater (1133 W. Granville).

Happy listening!

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